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Our Services Regarding Sensory Branding

We will advise and support you with the following services to help you develop your own sound marks or other sensory marks:

Territorial scope of the trademark use
You are familiar with the markets you want to tap to distribute your products under a new sensory trademark. We are familiar with the particulars of trademark law in these countries and will draw up a strategic plan for the territorial scope of the trademark protection.

Sound mark
Your job is to compose the sequence of tones for your new sound mark. Ours is to listen to this composition and provide our opinion on it with regard to aspects of trademark law. Working together with the composer, we will formulate a description of the sound mark for an application for trademark protection to be filed at a later date.

Olfactory or tactile mark
After you have developed your idea for an olfactory or haptic mark, we will write an opinion for you on whether it can be protected under trademark law.

Trademark applications
We will file applications for trademark protection for your newly created sensory mark in the countries you have selected, and we will coordinate the proceedings in the respective countries in collaboration with the appropriate foreign corresponding attorneys in our network.

Please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to the privilege of counseling you.