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Trademark Development — a trademark's genesis

A successful product has positive connotations in consumers’ minds.

Product Perception
Perception of a product starts when that product begins to stand out over the mass of commonplace market offerings. In order for this to happen, the product must be identifiable. It needs a name.

Product Anchoring
Product perception takes on a lasting quality when consumers remember the product once it has been noticed. This remembrance becomes easier if the product is anchored to an image in the consumers' minds. A corporate logo can work just as well as a visual reminder.

Product Message
Every product has a purpose, which is why there is a demand for that product. This purpose can be practical or intangible in nature, but in any case it must be communicated to consumers. A slogan, for example, concisely and distinctively points out the product's message. And one can also be used to express a company’s central philosophy.

Trademark Protection
Creative experts in advertising and marketing develop names, designs, and slogans as individual brands, while trademark specialists secure protection for them as registered trademarks to fend off any unwanted imitators. A strong brand is a prerequisite for strong trademark protection.

At brandeur®, we will provide you with counseling services as early as the developmental phase of the trademark, and give you the benefit of our knowledge and our experience in marketing and trademark law to turn your new brand into a strong trademark.